Position Paper

Intangible aspects in architectural designs are hard to show with only two-dimensional drawings such as plans and sections, and therefore, three-dimensional drawings and models have to be made to make the intangible visible. Drawings made on eye-level show how the user, the modern homo ludens, perceive and see the space and how the building connects to the environment.

This paper I will discuss the tangible and intangible in my architectural studies. It is about the phenomenological aspects that, together with the praxeological aspects, form my final designs. Drawing and model making is an essential part in the my design process as it is for many other architects.


DATE: January, 2015

NAME: Position Paper Joris Korbee

MENTOR: Gregory Bracken

WORDS: 2.413 (exc. foodnotes etc.)

KEYWORDS: (in)tangible, phenomenology, perception, drawing, users, connection with the environment.



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